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BadMessageKey=The error message corresponding to the message key can not be found.
FeatureNameNull=The feature name cannot be null.
FormatFailed=An internal error occurred while formatting the following message:
ProperyNameNull=The property name cannot be null.
SAXSourceNullInputSource=The SAXSource specified contains no InputSource.
SchemaFactorySourceUnrecognized=Source parameter of type ''{0}'' is not recognized by this SchemaFactory.
SchemaLanguageLengthZero=The schema language specified cannot have a length of zero characters.
SchemaLanguageNull=The schema language specified cannot be null.
SchemaSourceArrayMemberNull=The Source array parameter cannot contain any items that are null.
SchemaSourceArrayNull=The Source array parameter cannot be null.
SourceNotAccepted=Source parameter of type ''{0}'' is not accepted by this validator.
SourceParameterNull=Source parameter cannot be null.
SourceResultMismatch=Source parameter of type ''{0}'' is not compatible with result parameter of type ''{1}''.
TypeInfoProviderIllegalState=A TypeInfoProvider cannot be queried outside of a startElement callback.
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