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   * Copyright (c) 1996-2001
   * Logica Mobile Networks Limited
   * All rights reserved.
   * This software is distributed under Logica Open Source License Version 1.0
   * ("Licence Agreement"). You shall use it and distribute only in accordance
   * with the terms of the License Agreement.
 package org.smpp.smscsim;
Class SimulatorPDUProcessorFactory creates new instances of a SimulatorPDUProcessor. It's passed to SMSCListener which uses it to create new PDU processors whenewer new connection from client is requested. The PDU processor is passed to instance of SMSCSession which uses the processor to handle client requests and responses.

Logica Mobile Networks SMPP Open Source Team
$Revision: 1.1 $
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 public class SimulatorPDUProcessorFactory implements PDUProcessorFactory {
 	private Table users;

If the information about processing has to be printed to the standard output.
 	private boolean displayInfo = false;

Constructs processor factory with given processor group, message store for storing of the messages and a table of users for authentication. The message store and users parameters are passed to generated instancies of SimulatorPDUProcessor.

procGroup the group the newly generated PDU processors will belong to
messageStore the store for messages received from the client
users the list of users used for authenticating of the client
 		PDUProcessorGroup procGroup,
 		ShortMessageStore messageStore,
 		DeliveryInfoSender deliveryInfoSender,
 		Table users) {
 		this. = procGroup;
 		this. = messageStore;
 		this. = deliveryInfoSender;
 		this. = users;

Creates a new instance of SimulatorPDUProcessor with parameters provided in construction of th factory.

session the sessin the PDU processor will work for
newly created SimulatorPDUProcessor
 		SimulatorPDUProcessor simPDUProcessor = new SimulatorPDUProcessor(session);
 		display("new connection accepted");
 		return simPDUProcessor;

Sets if the info about processing has to be printed on the standard output.
 	public void setDisplayInfo(boolean on) {
 		 = on;

Returns status of printing of processing info on the standard output.
 	public boolean getDisplayInfo() {
 		return ;
 	private void display(String info) {
 		if (getDisplayInfo()) {
 			..println(FileLog.getLineTimeStamp() + " [sys] " + info);
  * $Log: not supported by cvs2svn $
 * Old changelog:
 * 20-09-01 added reference to the DeliveryInfoSender to support
 *						    automatic sending of delivery info PDUs
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