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 // This software is released into the Public Domain.  See copying.txt for details.
 package org.openstreetmap.osmosis.replicationhttp.v0_6.impl;
Builds Netty channel pipelines for new connections to servers.

Brett Henderson
	private String serverHost;
	private String pathPrefix;

Creates a new instance.

control Provides the Netty handlers with access to the controller.
changeSink The destination for the replication data.
serverHost The name of the host system running the sequence server.
pathPrefix The base path to add to the URL. This is necessary if a data server is sitting behind a proxy server that adds a prefix to the request path.
			ChangeSink changeSinkString serverHostString pathPrefix) {
		this. = changeSink;
		this. = serverHost;
		this. = pathPrefix;
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