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  // This software is released into the Public Domain.  See copying.txt for details.
  package org.openstreetmap.osmosis.replicationhttp.v0_6;
This task creates a HTTP server that sends updated replication data to clients. It is notified of updated sequence numbers as they occur by connecting to a replication sequence server.

Brett Henderson
 public class ReplicationDataServer implements RunnableTask {
 	private int notificationPort;
 	private File dataDirectory;
 	private int port;

Creates a new instance.

notificationPort The port to connect to for notification updates.
dataDirectory The location of the replication data and state files.
port The port to listen on.
 	public ReplicationDataServer(int notificationPortFile dataDirectoryint port) {
 		this. = notificationPort;
 		this. = dataDirectory;
 		this. = port;

Returns the port that is being used to listen for new connections.

The port number.
 	public int getPort() {
 		return ;
 	private long getCurrentSequenceNumber() {
 		try {
 		} catch (MalformedURLException e) {
 			throw new OsmosisRuntimeException("Unable to get the current sequence number"e);
 	public void run() {
 		// Instantiate the replication data server.
 		// Configure a listener to send sequence number events from the
 		// client to the server.
 			public void notifySequenceNumber(long sequenceNumber) {
 		// Create a sequence client restart manager so that our sequence
 		// client continues processing in the face of temporary connectivity
 		// issues.
 		// Create the client for receiving updated sequence numbers..
 		SequenceNumberClientChannelPipelineFactory channelPipelineFactory =
 						clientRestartManager.getControl(), numberListener"localhost");
 		SequenceClient client = new SequenceClient(new InetSocketAddress(), channelPipelineFactory);
 		try {
 			// Start the server with the current replication number.
 			// Update the port. It may have been allocated dynamically if the
			// port was specified as 0.
			 = server.getPort();
			// Run the client and perform restarts if it fails. This call will
			// block.
finally {
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