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The GSSAPIServerSubjectFactory is a factory responsible for returning the that should be used for handing the GSSAPI based authentication for a specific request. The authentication handlers will not perform any caching of the returned Subject, the factory implementation can either return a new Subject for each request or can cache them maybe based on the expiration time of tickets contained within the Subject.

Darran Lofthouse
public interface GSSAPIServerSubjectFactory {
    // TODO - Does this need to be supplying some kind of wrapper that allows a try/finally approach to being and end using the Subject?

Obtain the Subject to use for the specified host. All virtual hosts on a server could use the same Subject or each virtual host could have a different Subject, the implementation of the factory will make that decision. The factory implementation will also decide if there should be a default fallback Subject or if a Subject should only be provided for recognised hosts.

hostName - The host name used for this request.
The Subject to use for the specified host name or null if no match possible.
Throws: if there is a security failure obtaining the
    Subject getSubjectForHost(final String hostNamethrows GeneralSecurityException;
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