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This VDM++ model is developed by Marcel Verhoef as a part of the VDM++ book
John Fitzgerald, Peter Gorm Larsen, Paul Mukherjee, Nico Plat and Marcel 
Verhoef. Validated Designs for Object-oriented Systems, Springer, New York. 
2005, ISBN 1-85233-881-4. This is a VDM++ model of the famous
Enigma cipher machine used by the Germans in the Second World War to
encrypt and decrypt messages that were exchanged between military
units. The purpose of the model is to get a basic understanding of the
cipher mechanism as implemented in Enigma. This example was the first place
where the VDMUnit testing approach was introduced.

#AUTHOR= Marvel Verhoef
#ENTRY_POINT= new EnigmaTest().Execute()
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