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This model is made by Hugo Macedo as a part of his MSc thesis of a
pacemaker according to the grand challenge provided by Boston
Scientific in this area. This is the last of a series of VDM models
of the pacemaker and it incorporates a number of modes for the 
pacemaker. More information can be found in:

Hugo Macedo, Validating and Understanding Boston Scientific Pacemaker
Requirements, MSc thesis, Minho University, Portugal, October 2007.

Hugo Daniel Macedo, Peter Gorm Larsen and John Fitzgerald, Incremental 
Development of a Distributed Real-Time Model of a Cardiac Pacing System 
using VDM, In FM 2008: Formal Methods, 15th International Symposium on 
Formal Methods, Eds, Jorge Cuellar and Tom Maibaum and Kaisa Sere, 2008,
Springer-Verlag, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5014, pp. 181--197.

#AUTHOR= Hugo Macedo
#ENTRY_POINT=new World("tests/scenarioGoodHeart.arg",<DOO>).Run()
#ENTRY_POINT=new World("tests/scenarioBrokenHeart.arg",<DOO>).Run()
#ENTRY_POINT=new World("tests/scenarioDoubleHeart.arg",<DOO>).Run()
#ENTRY_POINT=new World("tests/scenarioSometimesHeart.arg",<DOO>).Run()
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