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This specification describes access control and policies for restricting this.
Details of the specification may be found in:   
1. Formal Engineering of Access Control Policies in VDM++ Jeremy W. Bryans and 
John S. Fitzgerald. In proceedings of 9th International Conference on Formal 
Engineering Methods (ICFEM 2007). Boca Raton, USA, November 2007. pp 37--56
2. A Formal Approach to Dependable Evolution of Access Control Policies in 
Dynamic Collaborations Jeremy W. Bryans, John S. Fitzgerald and Panos Periorellis. 
In Proceedings of the 37th Annual IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Dependable 
Systems and Networks, pp 352-353, Supplemental Volume. June 25-28, 2007. Edinburgh, UK

#AUTHOR= Jeremy Bryans and John Fitzgerald
#ENTRY_POINT=new Test().Run()
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