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JPolicy.implies.canNotCheck=Cannot check if PolicyConfigurationFactory is in service or not.
JPolicy.implies.canNotRetrieve=Cannot retrieve the policyConfiguration with the contextID ''{0}''.
JPolicyConfiguration.addToRole.emptyRole=Trying to add permissions with an empty role
JPolicyConfiguration.checkCurrentStateIsInStates.notValidState=The current state must be in ''{0}'', but the state found is the state ''{1}''
JPolicyConfiguration.checkCurrentStateNotInState.notValidState=The current state must not be in the state ''{0}'', it must be in the state ''{1}''
JPolicyConfiguration.equals.canNotCheck=Cannot check if given object is equals to the current object
JPolicyConfiguration.equals.notInstanceOf=Cannot check if given object is equals to the current object as the given object is not an instance of PolicyConfiguration
JPolicyConfiguration.inServiceState=in service
JPolicyConfiguration.linkConfiguration.equivalent=The current PolicyConfiguration object ''{0}'' is equivalent to the linked object ''{1}}''
JPolicyConfigurationFactory.getPolicyConfiguration.nonExistentId=The PolicyConfiguration object can not be removed for the context ID ''{0}'' as it is an unexisting contextID
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