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  package org.safehaus.chop.api;
  import java.util.Map;
  import java.util.Set;
 import  javax.annotation.Nullable;

The Store is used to register the node so other nodes in the same perftest formation can access it.
 public interface Store {

Starts up this Store.
     void start();

Checks if this Store has started.

true if started, false otherwise
     boolean isStarted();

Stops this Store.
     void stop();

Gets the runner instance information from the store as a map of their keys to their Runner information.

the keys mapped to Runner information

Gets the runner instance information from the store as a map of keys Runner instances.

runner a runner to exclude from results (none if null)
the keys mapped to Runner instance
     Map<StringRunnergetRunnersRunner runner );

Downloads a file from the store by key, and places it in a temporary file returning the file. Use this to download big things like war files or results.

tempDir the temporary directory to use
runnerWar the path
the File object referencing the temporary file
IOException if there's a problem accessing the stream
     File downloadFile tempDirString runnerWar ) throws Exception;

Downloads files from the store as a folder structure under the specified results directory with the top most folder being the bucket name.

resultsDirectory the directory to dump all results and summaries into
prefix the key or path prefix to use, null applies no prefix
filter a filter used to filter out desired candidates to download
Exception if there are problems downloading any items
     void downloadFile resultsDirectory, @Nullable String prefixFilenameFilter filter ) throws Exception;

Stores the summary and results file for a chop test run into the store.

project the project associated with the run
summary the summary information associated with the test run
resultsFile the results log file
testClass the chopped test class
     void storeProject projectSummary summaryFile resultsFileClass<?> testClass );

Stores the project test information.

project the Project object to be serialized and stored
     void storeProject project );

Tries to load a Project file based on prepackaged runner metadata: the runner's loadKey. If it cannot find it, null is returned.

runnerWar the load key for the runner war
the Project object if it exists in the store or null if it does not
     Project getProjectString runnerWar );

Registers this runner instance by adding its instance information into the store as a properties file using the following key format: "$RUNNERS_PATH/"

runner the runner's configuration instance to be registered
    void registerRunner runner );

Removes this Runner's registration.

runner the runners information
    void unregisterRunner runner );

Scans for projects with test information under the bucket as: "$TESTS_PATH/.*\/$PROJECT_FILE

a set of keys as Strings for test information
    Set<ProjectgetProjects() throws IOException;

Deletes all the projects in the store.
    void deleteProjects();

Deletes all the runner registrations outside of the provided collection.

activeRunners the hostnames of the active runners that should NOT be deleted
    void deleteGhostRunnersSet<StringactiveRunners );

Checks to see if a runner has deposited run summary information for a chopped test in the store.

runner the runner to check for chop completion
project the project being run
runNumber the run number
testClass the chopped test to check for completion on
true if the summary information has been deposited, false otherwise
    boolean hasCompletedRunner runnerProject projectint runNumberClass<?> testClass );

Checks the store to find the next available run number starting at 1. This method needs to be used with extreme caution. It should only be used when starting up a runner's controller. The intention is to be able to enable Judo Chop to restart runner containers between runs to refresh the Tomcat container. WARNING: It should not be used at any time other than runner initialization since if used with many runners concurrently during test dumps to the store, it could result in race conditions. During runner initialization this is not a possibility on the same project.

project the project configuration
the next available run number
    int getNextRunNumberProject project );
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