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 package org.safehaus.chop.api;

Constants ...
 public interface Constants {
the project HTTP parameter
     String PARAM_PROJECT = "project";

the default name to use for the runner's war file
    String RUNNER_WAR = "runner.war";

the number of characters of the UUID to use for UUID path component
    int CHARS_OF_UUID = 8;

the name of the project json file
    String PROJECT_FILE = "";

the path to the runners
    String RUNNERS_PATH = "runners";

path to the tests
    String TESTS_PATH = "tests";

the suffix used for the run summary json file
    String SUMMARY_SUFFIX = "-summary.json";

the suffix used for the run results json file
    String RESULTS_SUFFIX = "-results.json";

IterationChop iterations default
    long DEFAULT_ITERATIONS = 1000L;

TimeChop iterations default
    long DEFAULT_TIME = 30000L;

Chop threads default
    int DEFAULT_THREADS = 10;

Chop saturate default
    boolean DEFAULT_SATURATE = false;

Chop delay default
    long DEFAULT_DELAY = 0;
    String PRETTY_PRINT_RESULTS = "pretty.print.results";
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