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 package org.safehaus.chop.api;
Annotate test classes with this annotation to run iteration based stress tests. The difference here is not the amount of time your test runs but the number of iterations of your tests per thread. So the total iterations will be: threads() * drivers() * iterations()
public @interface IterationChop {

The number of times (iterations) your tests should be invoked.

the number of times your tests should be invoked
    long iterations() default .;

The number of threads to use for concurrent invocation per runner.

the number of concurrent threads per runner
    int threads() default .;

Whether or not to perform a saturation test before running this test and use those discovered saturation parameters as overrides to the provided parameters.

whether or not to run a preliminary saturation test
    boolean saturate() default .;

This parameter allows you to introduce a delay between test iterations.

the delay between test iterations in milliseconds
    long delay() default .;
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