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<title>Adding the Honor Pledge to an
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<h2>Adding the Honor Pledge to an
<p><strong>Note:</strong> To complete these procedures, you must be
assigned a role having the necessary permissions.  To determine your
role, follow the directions in <a href="content.hlp?docId=arbu">Participant roles</a>.  For a basic understanding of roles and
permissions, see <a href="content.hlp?docId=arax">Permissions and roles: Overview</a>.</p>

<p>The Honor Pledge requires students to affirm that they have neither
given nor received aid on an assignment. Students must check a box
pledging this in order to submit the assignment.</p>

<p>To add the Honor Pledge to your assignment, near the bottom of the
assignment screen, check <strong><code>Add honor pledge</code></strong>. You may add the
Honor Pledge to a new assignment or to one that you are revising.</p>

<p>For general information on
creating an assignment, see <a href="content.hlp?docId=arbs">Adding, editing, or removing an assignment</a> or
<a href="content.hlp?docId=arbk">Posting an assignment previously saved as a draft</a>.</p>

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