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<title>Resubmitting an assignment</title>
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<h2>Resubmitting an assignment</h2>

<p>To resubmit an assignment:</p>

<ol><li>In the <a href="content.hlp?docId=arcc">menubar</a> of the relevant course or <a href="content.hlp?docId=ardt">project
site</a>, click <strong><code>Assignments</code></strong>.

<br /><br />
</li><li>Click the title of the assignment you want to resubmit.

<p><strong>Note:</strong> Returned assignments will say "Returned" in the
"Status" column of the Assignments table.</p>
</li><li>You will see the original assignment instructions and your
original submission text. Your instructor may have included comments
in the text of your original submission, which will appear in red. Any
additional comments from your instructor will appear near the bottom
of the page. In the box labeled "Enter resubmission text below", edit
or paste your revised submission for the assignment.

<br /><br />

</li><li>When you are finished revising your assignment, click
<strong><code>Resubmit</code></strong>. Alternatively, you can click <strong><code>Save draft</code></strong> to
save your submission and continue working later.


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