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<title>Reading or downloading students'
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<h2>Reading or downloading students'

<p><strong>Note:</strong> To complete these procedures, you must be
assigned a role having the necessary permissions.  To determine your
role, follow the directions in <a href="content.hlp?docId=arbu">Participant roles</a>.  For a basic understanding of roles and
permissions, see <a href="content.hlp?docId=arax">Permissions and roles: Overview</a>.</p>

<p>To read assignments, in the relevant <a href="content.hlp?docId=ardt">course site</a>, from the
<a href="content.hlp?docId=arcc">menubar</a>, click <strong><code>Assignments</code></strong>. You will see a list of
assignments and their status. To view any assignment, click its title.</p>

<p>If you are an instructor, you can view assignments by student. To do
so, from the "View" drop-down list, select <strong><code>Assignment List by
Student</code></strong>. You can also view assignments as students see them. To
do so, near the top of the window, click <strong><code>Student View</code></strong>.</p>

<p>To grade an assignment, see <a href="content.hlp?docId=arda">Grading or returning an assignment or reviewing student status</a>.</p>

<h3>Downloading assignments for offline review</h3>

<p>To download multiple student submissions in order to review them

<ol><li>In the relevant course site, from the menubar, click
<strong><code>Assignments</code></strong>. You will see a list of assignments and their

<br /><br /> 
</li><li>On the Assignments page, under "Assignment title", click
<strong><code>Grade</code></strong> for the assignment you wish to download.

<br /><br /> 
</li><li>On the Submissions page, click <strong><code>Download All</code></strong>.

<br /><br /> 
</li><li>When prompted, save the <code>.zip</code> file to your hard drive,
making note of the saved location.

<br /><br />
</li><li>Find the saved <code>.zip</code> file and extract the files by
double-clicking the file's icon.

<br /><br />
</li><li>When the files are extracted, you will see a folder for each
student who submitted the assignment. Open the folder and click the
file inside to view the student's submission.

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