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 package org.sonatype.sisu.jetty.thread;
A watch-dog meant to be run in separate thread, that will nag in case of unexpected Jetty pooled thread death being detected. Experiments showed, that when one QTP thread dies due to OOM, not much is possible to be done from that thread (not even java.lang.Thread.UncaughtExceptionHandler of it is invoked, doing anything more complex might just induce another OOM). But, other threads kept running happily with some sort of OOMs (see below). This will still not help you if your code has memory leaks.

Note: OOM are not always same. This will work if OOM is not due to leak, but to some memory consumption peak (ie. code that quickly allocates huge amounts of memory, but in next moment it is released too, same pattern as in NXCM-4391 for P2 proxy repository).

public class JettyWatchdog
    implements Runnable
    private static final Logger LOG = Log.getLoggerJettyWatchdog.class );
    public void run()
            while ( true )
                Thread.sleep..toMillis( 10 ) );
                if ( . )
                    .warn"Jetty pooled thread death detected! System might be running low on memory!" );
        catch ( InterruptedException e )
            // nothing, will quit silently
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