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BUNDLE_ACTIVATOR_EXCEPTION=Exception in {0}.{1}() of bundle {2}.
BUNDLE_CLASSPATH_ENTRY_NOT_FOUND_EXCEPTION=The Bundle-ClassPath entry "{0}" was not found in the bundle: {1}
BUNDLE_CNFE_NOT_RESOLVED=Cannot load "{0}" because the bundle "{1}" cannot be resolved.
BUNDLE_CONTEXT_INVALID_EXCEPTION=BundleContext is no longer valid
BUNDLE_EXTENSION_PERMISSION=Extension bundles must have AllPermission assigned.
BUNDLE_FRAGMENT_CNFE=A fragment bundle cannot load classes: {0}
BUNDLE_FRAGMENT_IMPORT_CONFLICT=Fragment bundle "{0}" attempted to import additional package "{1}". Try refreshing the host bundle "{2}".
BUNDLE_FRAGMENT_START=A fragment bundle cannot be started: {0}
BUNDLE_FRAGMENT_STOP=A fragment bundle cannot be stopped: {0}
BUNDLE_INSTALL_RECURSION_EXCEPTION=Bundle is already being installed
BUNDLE_INSTALL_SAME_UNIQUEID=Bundle "{0}" version "{1}" has already been installed from: {2}
BUNDLE_INVALID_ACTIVATOR_EXCEPTION=The activator {0} for bundle {1} is invalid
BUNDLE_LOADER_ATTACHMENT_ERROR=Cannot attach fragment bundle "{0}" to resolved host "{1}". Try refreshing the host bundle.
BUNDLE_NOT_IN_FRAMEWORK=The bundle does not exist in the framework: {0}
BUNDLE_NO_CLASSPATH_MATCH=The Bundle-ClassPath does not have any matching entries
BUNDLE_READ_EXCEPTION=An error occurred trying to read the bundle
BUNDLE_REFRESH_FAILURE=PackageAdmin.refreshPackages failed to complete
BUNDLE_STATE_CHANGE_EXCEPTION=State change in progress for bundle "{0}" by thread "{1}".
BUNDLE_SYSTEMBUNDLE_UNINSTALL_EXCEPTION=The System Bundle cannot be uninstalled
BUNDLE_TRANSIENT_START_ERROR=The bundle''s start level is not met. Cannot transient start the bundle: {0}
BUNDLE_UNINSTALLED_EXCEPTION=Bundle "{0}" has been uninstalled
BUNDLE_UNRESOLVED_EXCEPTION=The bundle "{0}" could not be resolved
BUNDLE_UNRESOLVED_STATE_CONFLICT=The state indicates the bundle is resolved
BUNDLE_UNRESOLVED_UNSATISFIED_CONSTRAINT_EXCEPTION=The bundle "{0}" could not be resolved. Reason: {1}
CANNOT_SET_CONTEXTFINDER=The context finder has not been installed.
ECLIPSE_COPYRIGHT=Copyright (c) 2003, 2004 IBM Corporation and others. All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0 which accompanies this distribution, and is available at Contributors: IBM Corporation - initial API and implementation
ECLIPSE_OSGI_NAME=Eclipse OSGi Framework
FILTER_INVALID=The filter is invalid.
FILTER_INVALID_OPERATOR=Invalid operator at "{0}"
FILTER_INVALID_VALUE=Invalid value at "{0}"
FILTER_MISSING_ATTR=Missing attr at "{0}"
FILTER_MISSING_LEFTPAREN=Missing ''('' at "{0}"
FILTER_MISSING_RIGHTPAREN=Missing '')'' at "{0}"
FILTER_MISSING_VALUE=Missing value at "{0}"
FILTER_TRAILING_CHARACTERS=Extraneous trailing characters at "{0}"
HEADER_DUPLICATE_KEY_EXCEPTION=The key "{0}" already exists in another case variation
LAUNCHER_ADAPTOR_ERROR=Unable to create FrameworkAdaptor.
LAUNCHER_COMPONENT_JAR=Add ''{0}'' to the classpath.
LAUNCHER_COMPONENT_MISSING=Warning: The requested component ''{0}'' is not included in this runtime.
LAUNCHER_INVALID_PORT=Invalid console port: {0}
MANIFEST_INVALID_HEADER_EXCEPTION=Invalid manifest header {0}: "{1}"
MANIFEST_INVALID_LINE_NOCOLON=The manifest line "{0}" is invalid; it has no colon '':'' character after the header key.
MANIFEST_INVALID_SPACE=The manifest line "{0}" has an invalid leading space '' '' character.
MANIFEST_IOEXCEPTION=An error occurred while reading the manifest file.
OSGI_INTERNAL_ERROR=Internal Error in the OSGi framework. Please report this problem.
OSGI_SYSTEMBUNDLE_CREATE_EXCEPTION=Exception while creating System Bundle: {0}
OSGI_SYSTEMBUNDLE_DESCRIPTION_ERROR=Unable to construct System Bundle description.
OSGI_VERSION=OSGi Service Platform Release 3
SERVICE_ALREADY_UNREGISTERED_EXCEPTION=The service has been unregistered
SERVICE_ARGUMENT_NULL_EXCEPTION=The service parameter is null
SERVICE_EMPTY_CLASS_LIST_EXCEPTION=The array of service names is empty
SERVICE_FACTORY_EXCEPTION=Exception in {0}.{1}()
SERVICE_FACTORY_NOT_INSTANCEOF_CLASS_EXCEPTION={0}.getService() returned a service object that is not an instance of the service class {1}
SERVICE_NOT_INSTANCEOF_CLASS_EXCEPTION=The service object is not an instance of the service class {0}
SERVICE_OBJECT_NULL_EXCEPTION={0}.getService() returned a null service object
STARTLEVEL_CANT_CHANGE_SYSTEMBUNDLE_STARTLEVEL=The System Bundle's start level can not be modified.
STARTLEVEL_EXCEPTION_INVALID_REQUESTED_STARTLEVEL=The requested start level of {0} is invalid. The value must be a positive integer.
URL_HANDLER_INCORRECT_TYPE=The service property "{0}" is not the correct type for the service "{1}" registered by the bundle "{2}"
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