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BUNDLE_IN_OTHER_STATE=The bundle belongs to another state: {0}
BUNDLE_NOT_IN_STATE=The bundle is not in the state: {0}
BUNDLE_PENDING_REMOVE_STATE=The bundle is pending remove in another state: {0}
COMMIT_INVALID_TIMESTAMP=Cannot commit: invalid timestamp
HEADER_ATTRIBUTE_DUPLICATES=Duplicate attributes are not permitted "{0}"
HEADER_DIRECTIVE_DUPLICATES=Duplicate directives are not permitted "{0}"
HEADER_EXPORT_ATTR_ERROR=Specifying "{0}" in the "{1}" header is not permitted
HEADER_EXTENSION_ERROR=Extension bundle is not a fragment to the system bundle "{0}"
HEADER_PACKAGE_DUPLICATES=Cannot import a package more than once "{0}"
HEADER_PACKAGE_JAVA=Cannot specify java.* packages in Import/Export headers "{0}"
HEADER_REQUIRED=The "{0}" header must be specified
HEADER_VERSION_ERROR=The attributes "{0}" and "{1}" must match
RES_ERROR_DISABLEDBUNDLE=The bundle is disabled: {0}
RES_ERROR_FRAGMENT_CONFLICT=Constraints from the fragment conflict with the host: {0}
RES_ERROR_NATIVECODE_PATH_INVALID=The native code paths cannot be found: {0}
RES_ERROR_NO_NATIVECODE_MATCH=No match found for native code: {0}
RES_ERROR_PLATFORM_FILTER=Platform filter did not match: {0}
RES_ERROR_SINGLETON_CONFLICT=Another singleton version selected: {0}
RES_ERROR_UNKNOWN=Unknown resolution error
RES_ERROR_USES_CONFLICT=Package uses conflict: {0}
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