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	Adds cosmetic styling to Dijit.  Users may swap with a custom theme CSS file.
	Dialog.css contains css classes for both Dialog and Tooltip! 
	This because currently a dijit.TooltipDialog exist. Until this is resolved 
	you need to include Dialog.css for both dijits
	Toolbar.css contains classes also used in Editor. Until this is resolved 
	you need to include Toolbar.css for both Toolbar and Editor
	Button.css contains classes for combobox, 

@import url("../dijit_rtl.css");
@import url("layout/TabContainer_rtl.css");
@import url("layout/AccordionContainer_rtl.css");
@import url("form/Slider_rtl.css");
@import url("form/Button_rtl.css");
@import url("form/Common_rtl.css");
@import url("Tree_rtl.css");
@import url("TitlePane_rtl.css");
@import url("Calendar_rtl.css");
@import url("Dialog_rtl.css");
@import url("Menu_rtl.css");
@import url("Editor_rtl.css");
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