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 package org.sqlproc.engine.spring;
The Spring stack implementation of the SQL Engine session contract. In fact it's a simple wrapper for the org.springframework.jdbc.core.JdbcTemplate. It's the first parameter to all primary methods in the org.sqlproc.engine.SqlQueryEngine and org.sqlproc.engine.SqlCrudEngine.

The primary contract is the method for the org.sqlproc.engine.SqlQuery instance creation.

For more info please see the Tutorials.

Vladimir Hudec
public class SpringSimpleSession implements SqlSession {

The Spring JdbcTemplate, the central class for all Spring database operations.
    JdbcTemplate jdbcTemplate;

Creates a new instance.

jdbcTemplate the Spring JdbcTemplate instance
    public SpringSimpleSession(JdbcTemplate jdbcTemplate) {
        this. = jdbcTemplate;

Returns the internal Spring JdbcTemplate instance.

the internal Spring JdbcTemplate instance
    public JdbcTemplate getJdbcTemplate() {
        return ;

    public SqlQuery createSqlQuery(String queryStringthrows SqlProcessorException {
        return new SpringQuery(queryString);

    public int[] executeBatch(String[] statementsthrows SqlProcessorException {
        SqlQuery sqlQuery = createSqlQuery(null);
        return sqlQuery.executeBatch(statements);
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