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 package org.sqlproc.engine.spring;
The implementation of the org.sqlproc.engine.SqlEngineFactory optimized for the Spring stack.

It's suitable mainly for the Spring DI based configuration, like the next one for the new loader org.sqlproc.engine.SqlProcessorLoader:

 <beans ...>
   <bean id="sqlFactory" class="org.sqlproc.engine.spring.SpringEngineFactory" init-method="init">
     <property name="metaFilesNames">
and use the next code to obtain an instance of the SQL Query engine
 SqlQueryEngine sqlEngine = sqlFactory.getQueryEngine("ALL");
or the next code to obtain an instance of the SQL CRUD engine
 SqlCrudEngine sqlEngine = sqlFactory.getCrudEngine("ALL");

For more info please see the Tutorials.

Vladimir Hudec
public class SpringEngineFactory extends SqlSimpleFactory {

Creates a new instance with default values for the Spring stack.
    public SpringEngineFactory() {
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