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The adapters and proxies for the Spring stack. The simple usage can be the next one:
 JdbcEngineFactory sqlFactory = new JdbcEngineFactory();
 sqlFactory.setMetaFilesNames("statements.qry"); // the meta statements file
 SqlQueryEngine sqlEngine = sqlFactory.getQueryEngine("ALL_PEOPLE");
 // for the case it runs on the top of the Spring stack
 ApplicationContext context = new ClassPathXmlApplicationContext("applicationContext.xml");
 SqlSessionFactory sessionFactory = context.getBean("sessionFactory", SqlSessionFactory.class);
 SqlSession session = sessionFactory.getSqlSession();
 List<Person> list = sqlEngine.query(session, Person.class, null, SqlQueryEngine.ASC_ORDER);

For more info please see the Tutorials.

Vladimir Hudec
package org.sqlproc.engine.spring;

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