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defaultServlet.missingResource=The requested resource ({0}) is not available
defaultservlet.directorylistingfor=Directory Listing for:
defaultservlet.upto=Up to:
directory.lastModified=Last Modified
directory.parent=Up To {0}
directory.title=Directory Listing For {0}
directory.version=Tomcat Catalina version 4.0
invokerServlet.allocate=Cannot allocate servlet instance for path {0}
invokerServlet.cannotCreate=Cannot create servlet wrapper for path {0}
invokerServlet.deallocate=Cannot deallocate servlet instance for path {0}
invokerServlet.invalidPath=No servlet name or class was specified in path {0}
invokerServlet.noWrapper=Container has not called setWrapper() for this servlet
invokerServlet.notNamed=Cannot call invoker servlet with a named dispatcher
webdavservlet.enternalEntityIgnored=The request included a reference to an external entity with PublicID {0} and SystemID {1} which was ignored
webdavservlet.jaxpfailed=JAXP initialization failed
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