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error.array.outofbounds=Index {0} is out of bounds for array of size {1} compare {0} to {1}
error.context.null=ELContext was null
error.convert=Cannot convert {0} of type {1} to {2}
error.eval=Error Evaluating {0} : {1}
error.fnMapper.method=Function ''{0}'' not found
error.fnMapper.null=Expression uses functions, but no FunctionMapper was provided
error.fnMapper.paramcount=Function ''{0}'' specifies {1} params, but {2} were declared
error.function=Problems calling function ''{0}''
error.list.outofbounds=Index {0} is out of bounds for list of size {1}
error.method=Not a valid MethodExpression : {0}
error.method.notfound=Method not found: {0}.{1}({2})
error.method.nullParms=Parameter types cannot be null
error.mixed=Expression cannot contain both '#{..}' and '${..}' : {0}
error.null=Expression cannot be null ''{1}'' threw an exception from type: {0} ''{1}'' not found on type: {0} ''{1}'' doesn't have a 'get' specified on type: {0} ''{1}'' doesn't have a 'set' specified on type: {0}
error.resolver.unhandled=ELResolver did not handle type: {0} with property of ''{1}''
error.resolver.unhandled.null=ELResolver cannot handle a null base Object with identifier ''{0}''
error.syntax.set=Illegal Syntax for Set Operation
error.unreachable.base=Target Unreachable, identifier ''{0}'' resolved to null Unreachable, ''{0}'' returned null
error.value.expectedType=Expected type cannot be null
error.value.literal.write=ValueExpression is a literal and not writable: {0}
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