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 package org.trails.demo;
public abstract class NoteListPage extends HibernateListPage implements PageBeginRenderListener
	public abstract Note getNote();
	public abstract void setNote(Note Note);

HibernateListPage doens't persist the "criteria" by default. If you need to rewind the page, like in an AJAX page, you need to explicitly tell the page to persist the property.
	public abstract DetachedCriteria getCriteria();
	public abstract void setCriteria(DetachedCriteria Criteria);
	public void addNote()
		setNote(new Note());
	public void pageBeginRender(PageEvent event)
		setNote(new Note());
	private void addStatusResponse(IRequestCycle iRequestCycleString messagge)
/*		AjaxWebRequest ajax = (AjaxWebRequest) iRequestCycle.getAttribute(AjaxWebRequest.AJAX_REQUEST);
		if (ajax != null) ajax.addStatusResponse(messagge);
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