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<!DOCTYPE html>
  <!-- param is not block or inline -->
  <param name="foo">
  <p>para<param name="foo"></p>
  <p><dfn>strictly<param name="foo"></dfn></p>

  <!-- param must be empty -->
  <object><param name="foo"><p>yo</p></object>
  <p><object><param name="foo"><em>some</em> text</object></p>

  <!-- name is required -->

  <!-- param data value cannot have type attr -->
  <object><param name="foo" value="!@#$%$ ^&amp;)"
  <object><param name="foo" valuetype="data" value="!@#$%$ ^&amp;)"

  <!-- param ref value must be URI -->
  <object><param name="foo" valuetype="ref" value="&lt;"></object>
  <object><param name="foo" valuetype="ref" value="&lt;"

  <!-- param object value must be IDREF, cannot have type attr -->
  <object><param name="foo" valuetype="object" value="sth"></object>
  <object><param name="foo" valuetype="object" value="#"></object>
  <object><param name="foo" valuetype="object" value="#"

  <!-- valuetype can't take any other values -->
  <object><param name="foo" valuetype="sth"></object>
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