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 * 02110-1301 USA, or see the FSF site:
A javax.validation.ValidationProviderResolver to be used within WildFly. If several BV providers are available, HibernateValidator will be the first element of the returned provider list.

The providers are loaded via the current thread's context class loader; If no providers are found, the loader of this class will be tried as fallback.

Note: This class is a copy of

Hardy Ferentschik
Gunnar Morling
public class WildFlyProviderResolver implements ValidationProviderResolver {

Returns a list with all javax.validation.spi.ValidationProvider validation providers.

a list with all javax.validation.spi.ValidationProvider validation providers
        // first try the TCCL
        List<ValidationProvider<?>> providers = loadProviders(WildFlySecurityManager.getCurrentContextClassLoaderPrivileged());
        if (providers != null && !providers.isEmpty()) {
            return providers;
        // otherwise use the loader of this class
        else {
            return loadProviders(WildFlySecurityManager.getClassLoaderPrivileged(WildFlyProviderResolver.class));

Retrieves the providers from the given loader, using the service loader mechanism.

classLoader the class loader to use
a list with providers retrieved via the given loader. May be empty but never null
    private List<ValidationProvider<?>> loadProviders(ClassLoader classLoader) {
        Iterator<ValidationProviderproviderIterator = ServiceLoader.load(ValidationProvider.classclassLoader).iterator();
        LinkedList<ValidationProvider<?>> providers = new LinkedList<ValidationProvider<?>>();
        while (providerIterator.hasNext()) {
            try {
                ValidationProvider<?> provider =;
                // put Hibernate Validator to the beginning of the list
                if (provider.getClass().getName().equals(HibernateValidator.class.getName())) {
                } else {
            } catch (ServiceConfigurationError e) {
                // ignore, because it can happen when multiple
                // providers are present and some of them are not class loader
                // compatible with our API.
        return providers;
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