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adminOnlyModeCannotAcceptSlaves=The master host controller cannot register slave host controllers as it's current running mode is '%s'
as7431=Only 1 piece of content is currently supported (AS7-431)
cannotRemoveDeploymentInUse=Cannot remove deployment %s from the domain as it is still used by server groups %s
cannotRemoveUsedServerGroup=Cannot remove server-group '%s' since it's still in use by servers %s
cannotUseSameValueForParameters=Cannot use %s with the same value for parameters %s and %s. Use %s to redeploy the same content or %s to replace content with a new version with the same name.
caughtExceptionStoringDeploymentContent=Caught %s storing deployment content -- %s
deploymentAlreadyStarted=Deployment %s is already started
deploymentHashNotFoundInRepository=Repository does not contain any deployment with hash %s
errorObtainingUrlStream=Error obtaining input stream from URL %s -- %s
exceptionAwaitingResultFromHost=Exception getting result from host %s: %s
exceptionAwaitingResultFromServer=Exception getting result from server %s: %s
expectedOnlyOneDeployment=Expected only one deployment, found %d
failedToLoadModule=Failed to load module '%s'.
inSeriesIsMissingGroups=in-series is missing groups: %s
interruptedAwaitingResultFromHost=Interrupted waiting for result from host %s
interruptedAwaitingResultFromServer=Interrupted waiting for result from server %s
invalidByteStream=Invalid byte stream.
invalidCode=Invalid code %d
invalidContentDeclaration=Invalid content declaration
invalidJSFSlotValue=Invalid JSF slot value: '%s'. The host controller is not able to use a JSF slot value different from its default. This resource will be ignored on that host
invalidOperationTargetHost=Operation targets host %s but that host is not registered
invalidRolloutPlan.1=Invalid rollout plan. Plan operations affect server groups %s that are not reflected in the rollout plan
invalidRolloutPlan.2=Invalid rollout plan. %s is not a valid child of node %s
invalidRolloutPlanGroupAlreadyExists=Invalid rollout plan. Server group %s appears more than once in the plan.
invalidRolloutPlanLess=Invalid rollout plan. Server group %s has a %s value of %s; cannot be less than 0.
invalidRolloutPlanRange=Invalid rollout plan. Server group %s has a %s value of %s; must be between 0 and 100.
invalidUrl=%s is not a valid URL -- %s
invalidUrlStream=Invalid url stream.
invalidValue=Invalid '%s' value: %d, the maximum index is %d
masterDomainControllerOnlyOperation=Operation %s for address %s can only be handled by the master Domain Controller; this host is not the master Domain Controller
noDeploymentContentWithHash=No deployment content with hash %s is available in the deployment content repository.
noDeploymentContentWithHashAtBoot=No deployment content with hash %s is available in the deployment content repository for deployment '%s'. This is a fatal boot error. To correct the problem, either restart with the --admin-only switch set and use the CLI to install the missing content or remove it from the configuration, or remove the deployment from the xml configuraiton file and restart.
noDeploymentContentWithName=No deployment with name %s found
noHandlerForOperation=No handler for operation %s at address %s
noProfileCalled=No profile called: %s
noSocketBindingGroupCalled=No socket-binding-group named: %s
nullStream=Null stream at index %d
nullVar=%s is null
operationFailedOrRolledBack=Operation failed or was rolled back on all servers.
requiredChildIsMissing=%s is missing %s: %s
runtimeNameMustBeUnique=There is already a deployment called %s with the same runtime name %s on server group %s
serverGroupExpectsSingleChild=server-group expects one and only one child: %s
slaveAlreadyRegistered=There is already a registered host named '%s'
slaveCannotAcceptUploads=A slave domain controller cannot accept deployment content uploads
slaveControllerCannotAcceptOtherSlaves=Registration of remote hosts is not supported on slave host controllers
unexpectedInSeriesGroup=One of the groups does not define neither server-group nor concurrent-groups: %s
unexpectedInitialPathKey=Unexpected initial path key %s
unexplainedFailure=Unexplained failure
unknown=Unknown %s %s
unknownAttributesFromSubsystemVersion=Operation '%s' fails because the attributes are not known from the subsytem '%s' model version '%s': %s
unknownServer=Unknown server %s
unknownServerGroup=Unknown server group %s
unrecognizedChildren=%s recognizes only %s as children: %s
unsupportedWildcardOperation=Wildcard operations are not supported as part of composite operations
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