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argumentExpected=Argument expected for option %s. %s
argumentHasNoValue=Argument %s has no value. %s
attemptingToSet=Attempting to set '%s' when '%s' was already set
authenticationFailureUnableToConnect=Unable to connect due to authentication failure.
bucketAuthenticationFailure=bucket '%s' could not be accessed (rsp=%d (%s)). Maybe the bucket is owned by somebody else or the authentication failed
cannotAccessJvmInputArgument=The JVM input arguments cannot be accessed so system properties passed directly to this Host Controller JVM will not be passed through to server processes. Cause of the problem: %s
cannotAccessRemoteFileRepository=Cannot access a remote file repository from the master domain controller
cannotAccessS3Bucket=Cannot access S3 bucket '%s': %s
cannotAccessS3File=Cannot access S3 file: %s
cannotCreateLocalDirectory=Unable to create local directory: %s
cannotExecuteTransactionalOperationFromSlave=Can't execute transactional operation '%s' from slave controller
cannotIgnoreTypeHost=Resources of type %s cannot be ignored
cannotInitializeSaxDriver=Couldn't initialize a SAX driver for the XMLReader
cannotInstantiateDiscoveryOptionClass=Cannot instantiate discovery option class '%s': %s
cannotObtainValidDefaultAddress=Cannot obtain a valid default address for communicating with the ProcessController using either %s or InetAddress.getLocalHost(). Please check your system's network configuration or use the %s command line switch to configure a valid address
cannotRestartServer=Cannot restart server %s as it is not currently started; it is %s
cannotStartServersInvalidMode=Cannot start servers when the Host Controller running mode is %s
cannotWriteToS3File=Cannot write domain controller data to S3 file: %s
closeShouldBeManagedByService=Close should be managed by the service
configDirectoryDoesNotExist=Configuration directory does not exist: %s
configurationPersisterAlreadyInitialized=Configuration persister for domain model is already initialized
connectionToMasterInterrupted=Interrupted while trying to connect to master
connectionToMasterTimeout=Could not connect to master in %d attempts within %s ms
couldNotCreateDomainContentDirectory=Could not create domain content directory: %s
couldNotCreateDomainDataDirectory=Could not create domain data directory: %s
couldNotCreateDomainTempDirectory=Could not create domain temp directory: %s
couldNotCreateLogDirectory=Could not create log directory: %s
couldNotCreateServersDirectory=Could not create servers directory: %s
couldNotGetServerInventory=Could not get the server inventory in %d %s
creatingBucketWithUnsupportedCallingFormat=Creating location-constrained bucket with unsupported calling-format
didNotReadEntireFile=Did not read the entire file. Missing: %d
discoveryOptionsFailureUnableToConnect=Tried all domain controller discovery option(s) but unable to connect
domainBaseDirectoryDoesNotExist=Domain base directory does not exist: %s
domainBaseDirectoryIsNotADirectory=Domain base directory is not a directory: %s
domainContentDirectoryIsNotDirectory=Domain content directory is not a directory: %s
domainDataDirectoryIsNotDirectory=Domain data directory is not a directory: %s
domainTempDirectoryIsNotADirectory=Domain temp directory does not exist: %s
duplicateIgnoredResourceType=An '%s' element whose '%s' attribute is has already been found
envVariableAlreadyExists=Environment variable '%s' already exists
errorClosingDownHost=Error closing down host
errorParsingBucketListings=Unexpected error parsing bucket listing(s)
failedMarshallingDomainControllerData=Failed to obtain domain controller data from S3 file
failedProfileOperationsRetrieval=Failed to retrieve profile operations from domain controller
failedToAddExtensions=Failed to add extensions used by the domain. Failure description: %s
failedToGetFileFromRemoteRepository=Failed to get file from remote repository
failedToGetServerStatus=Failed to get server status
failedToReadAuthenticationKey=Failed to read authentication key: %s
homeDirectoryDoesNotExist=Home directory does not exist: %s
hostAlreadyShutdown=Host-Controller is already shutdown.
hostControllerSystemPropertyUpdateNotSupported=HostControllerEnvironment does not support system property updates
hostNameAlreadyConnected=Already have a connection for host %s
httpRedirectSupportRequired=HTTP redirect support required
insufficientInformationToGenerateHash=Insufficient information to generate hash.
invalidDiscoveryOptionsOrdering=Invalid value for %s. Must only contain all of the existing discovery options
invalidOption=Invalid option '%s'. %s
invalidPreSignedUrl=pre-signed url %s is not a valid url
invalidPreSignedUrlLength=pre-signed url %s may only have a subdirectory under a bucket
invalidRootId=Invalid root id [%d]
invalidS3Bucket=Invalid bucket name: %s
invalidS3Location=Invalid location: %s
invalidValue=Value for %s is not an %s -- %s. %s
invocationNotAllowedAfterBoot=Invocations of %s after HostController boot are not allowed
jvmOptionAlreadyExists=Option '%s' already exists
logDirectoryIsNotADirectory=Log directory is not a directory: %s
malformedUrl=Malformed URL provided for option %s. %s
missingHomeDirConfiguration=Missing configuration value for: %s
modulesDirectoryDoesNotExist=Determined modules directory does not exist: %s
mustInvokeBeforeCheckingSlaveStatus=Must call %s before checking for slave status
mustInvokeBeforePersisting=Must call %s before persisting the domain model
noChannelForHost=No channel for host %s
noNameAttributeOnHost=A host connecting to a remote domain controller must have its name attribute set
noResourceFor=There is no resource called %s
noServerGroupCalled=No server-group called: %s
noServerInventory=No server inventory
noSocketBindingGroupCalled=No socket-binding-group called: %s
nullVar=%s is null
preSignedUrlMustPointToFile=pre-signed url %s must point to a file within a bucket
preSignedUrlsMustBeSetOrUnset=pre_signed_put_url and pre_signed_delete_url must both be set or both unset
preSignedUrlsMustHaveSamePath=pre_signed_put_url and pre_signed_delete_url must have the same path
propertyAlreadyExists=Property %s already exists
propertyNotFound=Property %s does not exist
propertyValueHasNullValue=Property %s has a null value
propertyValueNull=Value for property %s is null
serverNameAlreadyRegistered=There is already a registered server named '%s'
serverStillRunning=Server (%s) still running
serversDirectoryIsNotADirectory=Servers directory is not a directory: %s
sslFailureUnableToConnect=Unable to connect due to SSL failure.
unableToGenerateHash=Unable to generate hash
unableToLoadProperties=Unable to load properties from URL %s. %s
undefinedSocketBinding=Undefined socket binding group for server %s
undefinedSocketBindingGroup=Included socket binding group %s is not defined
unexpectedResponse=Unexpected response: %s
unexpectedState=Unexpected state %s
unknown=Unknown %s %s
unknownHostValue=Value for %s is not a known host -- %s. %s
unrecognizedType=unrecognized type %s
unsupportedManagementVersionForHost=Host controller management version %s.%s is too old, Only %s.%s or higher are supported
usageNote=Use %s --help for information on valid command line arguments and their syntax.
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