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accessibleWebServiceMethodNotFound=Web service implementation class %s does not contain an accessible method %s
activatingWebservicesExtension=Activating WebServices Extension
aspectStart=%s start: %s
aspectStop=%s stop: %s
cannotLoadDeploymentAspectsDefinitionFile=Cannot load WS deployment aspects from %s
cannotReadWsdl=Could not read WSDL from: %s
cannotRegisterEndpoint=Cannot register endpoint: %s in JMX server
cannotRegisterRecordProcessor=Cannot register record processor in JMX server
cannotUnregisterEndpoint=Cannot unregister endpoint: %s from JMX server
cannotUnregisterRecordProcessor=Cannot unregister record processor from JMX server
configServiceCreationFailed=Error while creating configuration service
configServiceDestroyFailed=Error while destroying configuration service
creatingAuthConstraint=Creating auth constraint for endpoint: %s
creatingDeployment=Creating JBoss agnostic %s %s meta data for deployment: %s
creatingEjbDeployment=Building JBoss agnostic meta data for EJB webservice deployment: %s
creatingEndpointsMetaDataModel=Creating %s %s endpoints meta data model
creatingJBossWebXmlDescriptor=Creating jboss-web.xml descriptor
creatingLoginConfig=Creating new login config: %s, auth method: %s
creatingPojoDeployment=Creating JBoss agnostic meta data for POJO webservice deployment: %s
creatingSecurityConstraints=Creating security constraints
creatingSecurityRoles=Setting security roles
creatingServlet=Servlet name: %s, class: %s
creatingServletMapping=Servlet name: %s, URL patterns: %s
creatingServletMappings=Creating servlet mappings
creatingServlets=Creating servlets
creatingUnifiedWebservicesDeploymentModel=Creating new unified WS deployment model for %s
creatingUserDataConstraint=Creating new user data constraint for endpoint: %s, transport guarantee: %s
creatingWebMetaData=Creating web meta data for EJB webservice deployment: %s
creatingWebResourceCollection=Creating web resource collection for endpoint: %s, URL pattern: %s
creatingWebXmlDescriptor=Creating web.xml descriptor
detectedDeployment=Detected %s %s deployment
ejbClass=EJB class: %s
ejbName=EJB name: %s
finalEndpointClassDetected=WebService endpoint class cannot be final - %s won't be considered as a webservice endpoint
finalizeMethodNotAllowed=Web service implementation class %s may not declare a finalize() method. See section of "Web Services for Java EE, Version 1.4".
ignoringPortComponentRef=Ignoring <port-component-ref> without <service-endpoint-interface> and <port-qname>: %s
installingAspect=Installing aspect %s
invalidHandlerChainFile=Invalid handler chain file: %s
jmsAddress=JMS address: %s
jmsClass=JMS class: %s
jmsName=JMS name: %s
mBeanServerNotAvailable=MBeanServer not available, skipping registration/unregistration of %s
missingChild=Child '%s' not found for VirtualFile: %s
modifyingServlets=Modifying servlets
modifyingWebMetaData=Modifying web meta data for webservice deployment: %s
multipleEndpointsWithDifferentDeclaredSecurityRoles=Multiple EJB3 endpoints in the same deployment with different declared security roles; be aware this might be a security risk if you're not controlling allowed roles (@RolesAllowed) on each ws endpoint method.
mutuallyExclusiveAnnotations=[JAXWS 2.2 spec, section 7.7] The @WebService and @WebServiceProvider annotations are mutually exclusive - %s won't be considered as a webservice endpoint, since it doesn't meet that requirement
pojoClass=POJO class: %s
pojoName=POJO name: %s
settingConfigFile=Setting config file: %s
settingConfigName=Setting config name: %s
settingContextRoot.1=Setting context root: %s
settingContextRoot.2=Setting context root: %s for deployment: %s
settingSecurityDomain=Setting security domain: %s
settingTransportClass=Setting transport class: %s for endpoint: %s
settingVirtualHost=Setting virtual host: %s
skippingAnnotationProcessing=Skipping WS annotation processing since no composite annotation index found in unit: %s
starting=Starting %s
stopping=Stopping %s
webMethodMustBePublic=Web service method %s must be public. See section of "Web Services for Java EE, Version 1.4".
webMethodMustNotBeStaticOrFinal=Web service method %s must not be static or final. See section of "Web Services for Java EE, Version 1.4".
webServiceMethodNotFound=Web service implementation class %s does not contain method %s
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