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cannotFindComponentView=Cannot find component view: %s
cannotGetURLForDescriptor=Unable to get URL for: %s
cannotInstantiateDeploymentAspect=Could not create a deployment aspect of class: %s
cannotInstantiateList=Could not create list of type: %s
cannotInstantiateMap=Could not create map of type: %s
cannotInstantiateServletDelegate=Cannot create servlet delegate: %s
cannotLoadDeploymentAspectsDefinitionFile=Cannot load WS deployment aspects from %s
classLoaderResolutionFailed=Cannot resolve module or classloader for deployment %s
couldNotUpdateServerConfigBecauseOfExistingWSDeployment=Could not update WS server configuration because of existing WS deployment on the server.
couldNotUpdateServerConfigBecauseOfReloadRequired=Could not update WS server configuration because of pending former model update(s) requiring reload.
createContextPhaseFailed=Failed to create context
declaredEndpointInterfaceClassNotFound=The endpointInterface %s declared in the @WebService annotation on web service implementation bean %s was not found.
destroyContextPhaseFailed=Failed to destroy context
endpointClassNotFound=Web service endpoint class %s not found
invalidLibraryInDeployment=%s library (%s) detected in ws endpoint deployment; either provide a proper deployment replacing embedded libraries with container module dependencies or disable the webservices subsystem for the current deployment adding a proper jboss-deployment-structure.xml descriptor to it. The former approach is recommended, as the latter approach causes most of the webservices Java EE and any JBossWS specific functionality to be disabled.
invalidServiceRefSetterMethodName=@WebServiceRef injection target is invalid. Only setter methods are allowed: %s
jaxRpcNotSupported=JAX-RPC not supported
jwsWebServiceClassVerificationFailed=Class verification of Java Web Service implementation class %s failed.
methodInvocationFailed=Method invocation failed with exception: %s
missingChild=Child '%s' not found for VirtualFile: %s
missingConfig=Config %s doesn't exist
missingDeploymentAspectClassAttribute=Could not find class attribute for deployment aspect
missingDeploymentProperty=Cannot obtain deployment property: %s
missingHandler=Config %s, %s handler chain %s: doesn't contain handler with name %s
missingHandlerChain=Config %s: %s handler chain with id %s doesn't exist
missingHandlerChainConfigFile=Handler chain config file %s not found in %s
missingPropertyClassAttribute=Could not find property class attribute for deployment aspect: %s
missingPropertyNameAttribute=Could not find property name attribute for deployment aspect: %s
multipleHandlerChainsWithSameId=Cannot add new handler chain of type %s with id %s. This id is already used in config %s for another chain.
multipleSecurityDomainsDetected=Multiple security domains not supported. First domain: '%s' second domain: '%s'
noMetricsAvailable=No metrics available
nullEndpointClass=Null endpoint class
nullEndpointName=Null endpoint name
requiredServiceRefName=@WebServiceRef attribute 'name' is required for class level annotations.
requiredServiceRefType=@WebServiceRef attribute 'type' is required for class level annotations.
sameUrlPatternRequested=Web Service endpoint %s with URL pattern %s is already registered. Web service endpoint %s is requesting the same URL pattern.
startContextPhaseFailed=Failed to start context
stopContextPhaseFailed=Failed to stop context
unexpectedElement=Unexpected element: %s
unexpectedEndOfDocument=Reached end of xml document unexpectedly
unexpectedEndTag=Unexpected end tag: %s
unsupportedPropertyClass=Unsupported property class: %s
wrongHandlerChainType=Unsupported handler chain type: %s. Supported types are either %s or %s
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