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Created with IntelliJ IDEA. User: mati Date: 23/06/2013 Time: 18:02
 public class SoyViewConfig {

Default directory for templates
    public final static String DEFAULT_TEMPLATE_FILES_PATH = "/WEB-INF/templates";

Default encoding
    public final static String DEFAULT_ENCODING = "utf-8";
    public final static boolean DEFAULT_DEBUG_ON = false;

Default soy files extension
    public final static String DEFAULT_FILES_EXTENSION = "soy";

Whether templates should be precompiled on the startup of application
    public final static boolean DEFAULT_PRECOMPILE_TEMPLATES = false;

Special soy prefix to indicate that this template if meant to be rendered by soy template renderer
    public final static String DEFAULT_SOY_PREFIX = "soy:";
    private boolean debugOn = ;
    private String encoding = ;
    public boolean isDebugOn() {
        return ;
    public void setDebugOn(final boolean debugOn) {
        this. = debugOn;
    public String getEncoding() {
        return ;
    public void setEncoding(String encoding) {
        this. = encoding;
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