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Created with IntelliJ IDEA. User: mati Date: 14/07/2013 Time: 16:46 A default implementation of GlobalModelResolver contains a list of resolvers, each resolver can decide what data should be injected.
public class DefaultGlobalModelResolver implements GlobalModelResolver {
    private static final Logger logger = LoggerFactory.getLogger(DefaultGlobalModelResolver.class);
    private List<RuntimeResolverresolvers = Lists.newArrayList();
    public Optional<SoyMapDataresolveData(final HttpServletRequest requestfinal HttpServletResponse responsefinal Map<String, ? extends Objectmodel) {
        final SoyMapData root = new SoyMapData();
        for (final RuntimeResolver runtimeResolver : ) {
        return Optional.of(root);
    public void setResolvers(List<RuntimeResolverresolvers) {
        this. = resolvers;
    public List<RuntimeResolvergetResolvers() {
        return ;
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