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abort_againstSourceModel=Cannot compile against source model {0} issued from {1}
abort_invalidAttribute=SANITY CHECK: Invalid attribute for local variable {0}
abort_invalidExceptionAttribute=SANITY CHECK: Invalid attribute for exception attribute for {0}
abort_missingCode=Missing code implementation in the compiler
accept_cannot=Cannot accept the compilation unit:
ast_missingCode=Missing code gen implementation
compilation_done=[completed {2} - #{0}/{1}]
compilation_internalError=Internal compiler error
compilation_loadBinary=[reading {0}.class]
compilation_process=[analyzing {2} - #{0}/{1}]
compilation_request=[parsing {2} - #{0}/{1}]
compilation_unit=[{0} unit compiled]
compilation_units=[{0} units compiled]
compilation_unresolvedProblem=Unresolved compilation problem:
compilation_unresolvedProblems=Unresolved compilation problems:
compilation_write=[writing {1} - #{0}]
constant_cannotCastedInto={0} constant cannot be casted into {1}
constant_cannotConvertedTo={0} constant cannot be converted to {1}
output_isFile=The output directory is a file : {0}
output_notValid=The output directory ''{0}'' is not a valid directory name. The directory cannot be created
output_notValidAll=The output directory {0} is not a valid directory name. All the directories cannot be created
parser_corruptedFile=corrupted file {0}
parser_endOfConstructor=end of constructor
parser_endOfFile=end of file
parser_endOfInitializer=end of initializer
parser_endOfMethod=end of method
parser_incorrectPath=The path for the file is incorrect
parser_missingFile=missing file {0}
parser_moveFiles=MOVE FILES IN THE Runtime DIRECTORY OF Parser.class
parser_regularParse=REGULAR PARSE
parser_syntaxRecovery=SYNTAX RECOVERY
problem_atLine=(at line {0})
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