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 package com.fasterxml.jackson.annotation;
Annotation used with JsonTypeInfo to indicate sub types of serializable polymorphic types, and to associate logical names used within JSON content (which is more portable than using physical Java class names).
public @interface JsonSubTypes {
Subtypes of the annotated type (annotated class, or property value type associated with the annotated method). These will be checked recursively so that types can be defined by only including direct subtypes.
    public Type[] value();

Definition of a subtype, along with optional name. If name is missing, class of the type will be checked for JsonTypeName annotation; and if that is also missing or empty, a default name will be constructed by type id mechanism. Default name is usually based on class name.
    public @interface Type {
Class of the subtype
        public Class<?> value();

Logical type name used as the type identifier for the class
        public String name() default "";
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