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 package com.fasterxml.jackson.annotation;
Marker annotation that can be used to define constructors and factory methods as one to use for instantiating new instances of the associated class.

NOTE: when annotating creator methods (constructors, factory methods), method must either be:

  • Single-argument constructor/factory method without JsonProperty annotation for the argument: if so, this is so-called "delegate creator", in which case Jackson first binds JSON into type of the argument, and then calls creator
  • Constructor/factory method where every argument is annotated with either JsonProperty or JacksonInject, to indicate name of property to bind to
Also note that all JsonProperty annotations MUST use actual name (NOT empty String for "default"): this because Java bytecode does not retain names of method or constructor arguments.
public @interface JsonCreator
    // no values, since there's no property
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