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HTML0000=General internal error.
HTML1000=No character encoding indicator at beginning of document.
HTML1001=No Java character encoding mapping for IANA character encoding "{0}".
HTML1002=Unsupported syntax starting with "<!". Skipping to '>'.
HTML1003=Bare markup character '<' found.
HTML1004=Bare ampersand found.
HTML1005=Invalid character entity "{0}".
HTML1006=Unknown general entity "{0}".
HTML1007=Premature end of file encountered.
HTML1008=Skipping processing instruction.
HTML1009=Missing start element name.
HTML1010=Unsupported character encoding "{0}". Ignoring charset directive.
HTML1011=Missing attribute name.
HTML1012=Missing end element name.
HTML2000=Empty document.
HTML2001=Element <{0}> not closed properly.
HTML2002=Missing parent chain. Inserting proper parent <{1}> for element <{0}>.
HTML2003=Element <{1}> missing proper parent element <{2}>. Removing element <{0}> up to element <{3}>.
HTML2004=Inserting proper parent element <{1}> for element <{0}>.
HTML2005=Start element <{0}> automatically closes element <{1}>.
HTML2006=Bare character content found. Inserting parent element <{0}>.
HTML2007=End element <{0}> automatically closes element <{1}>.
HTML2008=Re-opening unbalanced inline element <{0}>.
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