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BadMessageKey=The error message corresponding to the message key can not be found.
FormatFailed=An internal error occurred while formatting the following message:
dom-node-read-not-supported=Cannot read DOM node property. No DOM tree exists.
false-not-supported=False state for feature ''{0}'' is not supported.
feature-not-recognized=Feature ''{0}'' is not recognized.
feature-not-supported=Feature ''{0}'' is not supported.
feature-read-only=Feature ''{0}'' is read only.
incompatible-class=The value specified for property ''{0}'' cannot be casted to {1}.
jaxp-order-not-supported=Property ''{0}'' must be set before setting property ''{1}''.
property-not-parsing-supported=Property ''{0}'' is not supported while parsing.
property-not-recognized=Property ''{0}'' is not recognized.
property-not-supported=Property ''{0}'' is not supported.
property-read-only=Property ''{0}'' is read only.
schema-already-specified=Property ''{0}'' cannot be set when a non-null Schema object has already been specified.
schema-not-supported=The specified schema language is not supported.
true-not-supported=True state for feature ''{0}'' is not supported.
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