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  // This file was generated by the JavaTM Architecture for XML Binding(JAXB) Reference Implementation, vhudson-jaxb-ri-2.1-2 
  // See <a href=""></a> 
  // Any modifications to this file will be lost upon recompilation of the source schema. 
  // Generated on: 2011.02.20 at 01:29:24 PM MEZ 
  package net.opengis.xls.v_1_1_0;
Location can be one of four things: Position, POI, Address or Point. Each of those types has been defined in the XLS namespace with this in condiseration.

Java class for AbstractLocationType complex type.

The following schema fragment specifies the expected content contained within this class.

 <complexType name="AbstractLocationType">
     <extension base="{}AbstractDataType">
 @XmlType(name = "AbstractLocationType")
 public abstract class AbstractLocationType
     extends AbstractDataType
     implements CloneableCopyToEqualsHashCodeMergeFromToString
     public String toString() {
         final ToStringStrategy strategy = .;
         final StringBuilder buffer = new StringBuilder();
         return buffer.toString();
     public StringBuilder append(ObjectLocator locatorStringBuilder bufferToStringStrategy strategy) {
         return buffer;
     public StringBuilder appendFields(ObjectLocator locatorStringBuilder bufferToStringStrategy strategy) {
         return buffer;
     public boolean equals(ObjectLocator thisLocatorObjectLocator thatLocatorObject objectEqualsStrategy strategy) {
         if (!(object instanceof AbstractLocationType)) {
             return false;
         if (this == object) {
             return true;
         if (!super.equals(thisLocatorthatLocatorobjectstrategy)) {
             return false;
         return true;
     public boolean equals(Object object) {
         final EqualsStrategy strategy = .;
         return equals(nullnullobjectstrategy);
    public int hashCode(ObjectLocator locatorHashCodeStrategy strategy) {
        int currentHashCode = super.hashCode(locatorstrategy);
        return currentHashCode;
    public int hashCode() {
        final HashCodeStrategy strategy = .;
        return this.hashCode(nullstrategy);
    public Object clone() {
        return copyTo(createNewInstance());
    public Object copyTo(Object target) {
        final CopyStrategy strategy = .;
        return copyTo(nulltargetstrategy);
    public Object copyTo(ObjectLocator locatorObject targetCopyStrategy strategy) {
        if (null == target) {
            throw new IllegalArgumentException("Target argument must not be null for abstract copyable classes.");
        return target;
    public void mergeFrom(Object leftObject right) {
        final MergeStrategy strategy = .;
    public void mergeFrom(ObjectLocator leftLocatorObjectLocator rightLocatorObject leftObject rightMergeStrategy strategy) {
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