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AntDebugModelPresentation_0=<not available>
AntDebugModelPresentation_1= line: {0}
AntDebugModelPresentation_2=(breakpoint at line {0} in {1})
AntDebugModelPresentation_3= (Suspended {0})
AntDebugModelPresentation_4= (Suspended)
AntDebugModelPresentation_5=(run to line {0} in {1})
AntDebugTarget_0=Ant Build
AntLineBreakpoint_0=Ant breakpoint [line: {0}]
AntProperties_1=Request to Ant properties value failed
AntThread_0=User Properties
AntThread_1=System Properties
AntThread_2=Runtime Properties
AntThread_3=Request to retrieve Ant stack frames failed
AntThread_4=Request to retrieve Ant properties failed
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