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Copyright (c) 2002, 2005 Object Factory Inc. All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0 which accompanies this distribution, and is available at Contributors: Object Factory Inc. - Initial implementation /
 package org.eclipse.ant.internal.ui.dtd.schema;
Non-deterministic finite state machine node.

Following Aho & Ullman, nfm nodes contain two transition links. The graph is constructed so that no node requires more than two links. There are exactly these kinds of nodes:

  Symbol Next1 Next2 Meaning
    "a"  fwd  null Regexp "a"
    null  null  null Accepting node
    null  fwd1  fwd2 Start node of ? and * regexp
        fwd2 points to stop node
    null  fwd  bkw Internal node of + and * regexp
        fwd points to stop node
        bkw points, e.g., in "a*" to start node of "a"
    null  fwd1  fwd2 Start node of | regexp, e.g., "a|b",
        fwd nodes point to start nodes of "a" and "b".
    null  fwd  null Internal node of |.
        fwd points to stop node.
See Nfm for pictures of how nodes are used.

Bob Foster
 public class NfmNode implements FactoryObject {
 	public IAtom symbol;
 	public NfmNode next1;
 	public NfmNode next2;
 	public Dfm dfm;
 	public int mark;
 	private NfmNode() {
 	public static NfmNode nfmNode(IAtom symbolNfmNode next) {
 		NfmNode nfm = getFree();
 		nfm.symbol = symbol;
 		nfm.next1 = next;
 		return nfm;
 	public static NfmNode nfmNode(NfmNode next) {
 		NfmNode nfm = getFree();
 		nfm.next1 = next;
 		return nfm;
 	public static NfmNode nfmNode() {
 		return getFree();

Free all NfmNodes in use.
 	public static void freeAll() {
 		while ( != null) {
 			FactoryObject nfm = ;
 	// Below here is factory stuff
 	/* (non-Javadoc)
 	 * @see org.eclipse.ant.internal.ui.dtd.util.FactoryObject#next()
 	public FactoryObject next() {
 		return ;
 	/* (non-Javadoc)
 	 * @see org.eclipse.ant.internal.ui.dtd.util.FactoryObject#next(org.eclipse.ant.internal.ui.dtd.util.FactoryObject)
 	public void next(FactoryObject obj) {
 		 = (NfmNodeobj;
 	private NfmNode next;
 	private static Factory fFactory = new Factory();
 	private static FactoryObject fUsed = null;
 	private static NfmNode getFree() {
 		NfmNode nfm = (NfmNode.getFree();
		if (nfm == null)
			nfm = new NfmNode();;
		 = nfm;
		return nfm;
	private static void setFree(NfmNode nfm) {
		nfm.symbol = null;
		nfm.next1 = nfm.next2 = null;
		nfm.dfm = null;
		nfm.mark = 0;
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