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Stack Overflow Questions Modeling Framework EMF for model-driven development.
activity.emf=EMF Model-Driven Development
activity.emf.desc=Generate code from models using the Eclipse Modeling Framework.
activity.emf.examples=EMF and XSD Examples
activity.emf.examples.desc=Install EMF and XSD examples into the workspace.
activity.emf.jet=EMF JET Development
activity.emf.jet.desc=Use EMF's limited Java Emitter Template tools (JET1).
activity.emf.reflective=EMF Reflective Editing
activity.emf.reflective.desc=Edit arbitrary XML and XMI resources with EMF's reflective editors.
activity.xsd=Sample XML Schema Editing
activity.xsd.desc=Use the XSD project's sample XML Schema editor.
pluginName=EMF Capabilities Example
providerName=Eclipse Modeling Project
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