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CHARACTER_REPRESENTATION.DESC=(rep1[;rep2]). Indicates the preferred way of representing non-ASCII characters in HTML and XML output. rep1 is for characters in the range 128-256, rep2 for those above 256.
INDENT_SPACES.DESC=(integer value).Defines the number of spaces used for indentation of output
NEXT_IN_CHAIN.DESC=(uri). Indicates that the output is to be piped into another XSLT stylesheet to perform another transformation. The auxiliary property NEXT_IN_CHAIN_BASE_URI records the base URI of the stylesheet element where this attribute was found.
REQUIRE_WELL_FORMED.DESC=(yes|no). Indicates whether a user-supplied ContentHandler requires the stream of SAX events to be well-formed (that is, to have a single element node and no text nodes as children of the root). The default is "no".
TYPE_INFORMATION.DESC=(none|preserve|strict|lax). Indicates the value of the type-information attribute: "none", "preserve", "strict", "lax"
UNDECLARE_NAMESPACES.DESC=include-content-type = "yes" | "no". This attribute is defined in XSLT 2.0. Indicates XML 1.1 namespace declarations are to be output.
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