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Handler_CannotLaunchUI=Cannot complete the request. This installation has not been configured properly for Software Updates. See the error log for details.
Handler_SDKUpdateUIMessageTitle=Software Updates
InstallNewSoftwareHandler_ProgressTaskName=Searching for available software...
PreferenceInitializer_Error=Error accessing preferences.
ProvSDKUIActivator_ErrorSavingPrefs=Error saving update preferences
ProvSDKUIActivator_NoSelfProfile=Could not locate the running profile instance. The and eclipse.p2.profile properties may not be set correctly in this application's config.ini file.
ProvSDKUIActivator_OpenWizardAnyway=The software items you selected may not be valid with your current installation. Do you want to open the wizard anyway to review the selections?
ProvisioningPreferencePage_AlwaysOpenWizard=&Open the wizard anyway to review or change selections
ProvisioningPreferencePage_BrowsingPrefsGroup=Browsing for updates
ProvisioningPreferencePage_NeverOpenWizard=&Report the problems and do not open the wizard
ProvisioningPreferencePage_OpenWizardIfInvalid=When software selected for an install wizard may not be compatible
ProvisioningPreferencePage_PromptToOpenWizard=As&k me what to do when it happens
ProvisioningPreferencePage_ShowAllVersions=Show all &versions of available software
ProvisioningPreferencePage_ShowLatestVersions=Show only the &latest versions of available software
SDKPolicy_PrefPageName=Available Software Sites
UpdateHandler_NoSitesMessage=There are no update sites to search. Do you wish to open the "Available Software Sites" preferences?
UpdateHandler_NoSitesTitle=No Updates Found
UpdateHandler_ProgressTaskName=Checking for updates...
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