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<!-- ======================================================================= -->
<!-- This build file automatically generated by MTJ                          -->
<!-- Version @{mtj.version} on @{date}.                                      -->
<!--                                                                         -->
<!-- Modifications may be made to this file and to the                       -->
<!-- file.                                             -->
<!-- Do not alter mtj-build.xml or                     -->
<!-- ======================================================================= -->
<project name="@{}" default="deployedSuite" basedir=".">
	<!-- User build properties come first so that they can override -->
	<!-- the generated properties file.  Be careful with these      -->
	<!-- overrides.                                                 -->
	<property file="" />

	<!-- Generated properties come next.  The properties in this    -->
	<!-- file drive the build process and should not be changed.    -->
	<property file="" />

	<!-- Import the low-level targets -->
	<import file="mtj-build.xml" />

	<!-- The primary target of the build file.  The end result is   -->
	<!-- the deployed jar and jad files.                            -->
	<target name="deployedSuite" depends="deployable" />

	<!-- Initialize the build environment as necessary -->
	<target name="-initialize"
		description="Initializes the build environment">
		<echo message="Initializing build environment..." />
		<!-- You can do initialization here -->

	<!-- Build the classes that make up the midlet -->
	<target name="build" depends="-initialize,-mtj-build"
		description="Builds the classes that make up the project">

	<!-- Package up the compiled code without obfuscation -->
	<target name="jar" depends="build,-mtj-jar"
		description="Packages the midlet jar without obfuscation">

	<!-- Package up the compiled code with obfuscation -->
	<target name="deployable" depends="build,-mtj-deployable"
		description="Packages the midlet jar, with obfuscation">

	<!-- Run the packaged code -->
	<target name="run" depends="deployable,-mtj-run"
		description="Runs the deployed package in the emulator">

	<!-- Build a Palm PRC file -->
	<target name="makeprc" depends="deployable,-mtj-makeprc"
		description="Generates a deployable Palm PRC file">

	<!-- Clean the output of a previous execution -->
	<target name="clean"
		description="Cleans the output from previous builds">
		<echo message="Cleaning project files..." />
		<antcall target="-mtj-clean" />
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