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ContextFinder.CantFindPropertiesFile=Unable to locate for package {0}
ContextFinder.CantMixProviders=You may not mix JAXB Providers on the context path
ContextFinder.CouldNotInstantiate=Provider {0} could not be instantiated: {1} in package {0} does not contain the {1} property.
ContextFinder.NoPackageInContextPath=No package name is given
ContextFinder.ProviderNotFound=Provider {0} not found
DatatypeConverter.ConverterMustNotBeNull=The DatatypeConverterInterface parameter must not be null
JAXBContext.IllegalCast=ClassCastException: attempting to cast {0} to {1}. Please make sure that you are specifying the proper ClassLoader.
PropertyException.NameValue=name: {0} value: {1}
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