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Copyright (c) 2004, 2012 IBM Corporation and others. All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0 which accompanies this distribution, and is available at Contributors: IBM Corporation - initial API and implementation Lazar Kirchev, SAP AG - derivative implementation /
 package org.eclipse.equinox.console.commands;
 public class ConsoleMsg extends NLS {
 	public static final String BUNDLE_NAME = "org.eclipse.equinox.console.commands.ConsoleMessages"//$NON-NLS-1$
 	public static String CONSOLE_INVALID_INPUT;
 	public static String CONSOLE_BUNDLE_ID_MESSAGE;
 	public static String CONSOLE_ID;
 	public static String CONSOLE_IMPORTS_MESSAGE;
 	public static String CONSOLE_STALE_MESSAGE;
 	public static String CONSOLE_ID_MESSAGE;
 	public static String CONSOLE_STATUS_MESSAGE;
 	public static String CONSOLE_DATA_ROOT_MESSAGE;
 	public static String CONSOLE_HOST_MESSAGE;
 	public static String CONSOLE_EXPORTED_MESSAGE;
 	public static String CONSOLE_NO_HOST_MESSAGE;
 	public static String CONSOLE_FRAGMENT_MESSAGE;
 	public static String CONSOLE_PROVIDED_MESSAGE;
 	public static String CONSOLE_THREADGROUP_TITLE;
 	public static String CONSOLE_THREADTYPE_TITLE;
 	public static String CONSOLE_REQUIRES_MESSAGE;
 	public static String CONSOLE_NO_CONSTRAINTS;
 	public static String CONSOLE_LEAF_CONSTRAINTS;
 	public static String CONSOLE_MISSING_HOST;
 	public static String CONSOLE_STOP_MESSAGE;
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_EXIT_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION = "exit immediately (System.exit)";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_LAUNCH_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION = "start the OSGi Framework";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_SHUTDOWN_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION = "shutdown the OSGi Framework";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_START_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION = "start the specified bundle(s)";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_START_COMMAND_ARGUMENT_DESCRIPTION = "bundle(s) to start";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_STOP_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION = "stop the specified bundle(s)";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_STOP_COMMAND_ARGUMENT_DESCRIPTION = "bundle(s) to stop";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_INSTALL_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION = "install and optionally start bundle from the given URL";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_INSTALL_START_OPTION_DESCRIPTION = "spedify if the bundle should be started after installation";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_INSTALL_START_ARGUMENT_DESCRIPTION = "Location of bundle to install";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_UPDATE_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION = "update the specified bundle(s)";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_UPDATE_COMMAND_ARGUMENT_DESCRIPTION = "bundle(s) to update";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_UPDATE_SOURCE_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION = "Update the specified bundle from the specified location";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_UPDATE_SOURCE_COMMAND_URL_ARGUMENT_DESCRIPTION = "Location of the new bundle content";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_UNINSTALL_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION = "uninstall the specified bundle(s)";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_UNINSTALL_COMMAND_ARGUMENT_DESCRIPTION = "bundle(s) to uninstall";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_STATUS_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION = "display installed bundles and registered services";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_STATUS_ARGUMENT_DESCRIPTION = "[-s <comma separated list of bundle states>] [segment of bsn]";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_FILTER_ARGUMENT_DESCRIPTION = "Optional filter for filtering the displayed services. Examples for the filter: (; (&(; passing only is a shortcut for ( The filter syntax specification is available at";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_SERVICES_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION = "display registered service details. Examples for [filter]: (; (&(; passing only is a shortcut for ( The filter syntax specification is available at";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_PACKAGES_BUNDLE_ARGUMENT_DESCRIPTION = "Bundle whose packages to display. If not present displays all exported packages";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_PACKAGES_PACKAGE_ARGUMENT_DESCRIPTION = "Package name of the package to display";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_PACKAGES_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION = "display imported/exported package details";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_BUNDLES_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION = "display details for all installed bundles";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_IDLOCATION_ARGUMENT_DESCRIPTION = "(<id>|<location>)";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_BUNDLE_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION = "display details for the specified bundle(s)";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_GC_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION = "perform a garbage collection";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_INIT_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION = "uninstall all bundles";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_CLOSE_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION = "shutdown and exit";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_REFRESH_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION = "refresh the packages of the specified bundles; if -all option is specified refresh packages of all installed bundles";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_REFRESH_ALL_OPTION_DESCRIPTION = "specify to refresh the packages of all installed bundles";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_REFRESH_COMMAND_ARGUMENT_DESCRIPTION = "list of bundles whose packages to be refreshed; if not present refreshes all bundles";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_EXEC_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION = "execute a command in a separate process and wait";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_EXEC_COMMAND_ARGUMENT_DESCRIPTION = "command to be executed";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_FORK_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION = "execute a command in a separate process";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_FORK_COMMAND_ARGUMENT_DESCRIPTION = "command to be executed";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_HEADERS_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION = "print bundle headers";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_HEADERS_COMMAND_ARGUMENT_DESCRIPTION = "bundles to print headers for";
	public static final String CONSOLE_PROPS_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION = "Display system properties";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_SETPROP_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION = "set OSGi properties";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_SETPROP_COMMAND_ARGUMENTS_DESCRIPTION = "list of properties with values to be set; the format is <key>=<value> and the pairs are separated with space if more than one";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_SS_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION = "display installed bundles (short status)";
	public static final String CONSOLE_THREADS_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION = "display threads and thread groups";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_SL_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION = "display the start level for the specified bundle, or for the framework if no bundle specified";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_SL_COMMAND_ARGUMENT_DESCRIPTION = "bundle to get the start level";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_SETFWSL_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION = "set the framework start level";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_SETFWSL_COMMAND_ARGUMENT_DESCRIPTION = "new start level";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_SETBSL_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION = "set the start level for the bundle(s)";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_SETBSL_COMMAND_ARGUMENT_DESCRIPTION = "bundle(s) to change startlevel";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_SETIBSL_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION = "set the initial bundle start level";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_REQUIRED_BUNDLES_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION = "lists required bundles having the specified symbolic name";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_REQUIRED_BUNDLES_COMMAND_ARGUMENT_DESCRIPTION = "symbolic name for required bundles to be listed; if not specified all required bundles will be listed";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_PROFILELOG_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION = "Display & flush the profile log messages";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_VISIBLE_PACKAGES_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION = "lists all packages visible from the specified bundle";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_VISIBLE_PACKAGES_COMMAND_ARGUMENTS_DESCRIPTION = "bundle to list the visible packages";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_GETPROP_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION = "displays the system properties with the given name, or all of them";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_GETPROP_COMMAND_ARGUMENT_DESCRIPTION = "name of system property to dispaly";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_DIAG_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION = "Displays unsatisfied constraints for the specified bundle(s)";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_DIAG_COMMAND_ARGUMENT_DESCRIPTION = "IDs of bundle(s), for which to display unsatisfied constraints";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_ENABLE_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION="Enable the specified bundle(s)";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_ENABLE_COMMAND_ARGUMENT_DESCRIPTION="IDs of bundle(s) to enable";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_DISABLE_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION="Disable the specified bundle(s)";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_DISABLE_COMMAND_ARGUMENT_DESCRIPTION="IDs of bundle(s) to disable";
	public static final String CONSOLE_HELP_LD_COMMAND_DESCRIPTION="List disabled bundles in the system";
	static {
		// initialize resource bundles
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