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InfoCenter.desc=Searches a remote information center
InfoCenter.label=Information Center
LocalHelp.desc=Searches local help documents
LocalHelp.label=Local Help
WebSearch.desc=Performs a general-purpose Web search
WebSearch.label=Web Search
command.closeTray.description=Close the user assistance tray containing context help information and cheat sheets. User Assistance Tray
command.ignoreMissingPlaceholders.description=Sets the help preferences to no longer report a warning about the current set of missing documents. not warn of missing documentation
command.index.description=Show Keyword Index
command.openBundleResource.description=Opens a bundle resource in the default web browser. Resource in Browser
embedded_browser=Embedded Browser
help_system_plugin_name=Help System UI
preferenceKeywords.browsersPreferencePage=Help Web Browser Infopop F1
preferenceKeywords.contentPreferencePage=Remote Help Content
searchEngine=Search Engine
system_browser=Default System Browser
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