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<h1>Update Site</h1>

<p><strong>Update Sites</strong> are used to organize and export features so they
can be installed into Eclipse applications.</p>

<p>To create an update site you must develop a site.xml file and build the site.  PDE provides an 
<a href="../guide/tools/editors/site_editor/site_editor.htm">editor</a> and 
<a href="../guide/tools/project_wizards/new_update_site_project.htm">project</a> for 
creating sites.  A site will contain one or more <a href="feature.htm">features</a> 
organized into categories.</p>

<p>When the site is built, the included features (along with all plug-ins part of those features) 
will be exported into an installable form.  The exported plug-ins and features will be put into two
folders &quot;plug-ins&quot; and &quot;features&quot;.  Two other files, &quot;content.xml&quot;
and &quot;artifacts.xml&quot; will also be generated and contain metadata for the exported files
that make installing easier.  These files, along with &quot;site.xml&quot;, collectively form an Eclipse update
site.  To make the update site available to others you must make all these files available 
in a shared directory or web site.</p>

<p><img src="../images/ngrelr.png" alt="Related reference"></p>
<a href="../guide/tools/editors/site_editor/site_editor.htm">Site Editor</a><br>
<a href="../guide/tools/project_wizards/new_update_site_project.htm">New Update Site Project</a>

<p><img src="../images/ngrelc.png" alt="Related reference"></p>
<a href="feature.htm">Feature</a><br>
<a href="plugin.htm">Plug-in</a><br>

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