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<title>Plug-in Extension Points</title>
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<h1>Plug-in Extension Points</h1>
<p>Extension points define new function points for the platform that other   plug-ins can plug into. The <strong>Extension Points</strong> page is the place to add, remove and edit extension   points declared by your plug-in.</p>
<p><img src="../../../images/plugin_editor/extension_points.png" alt="Extension Points" ></p>
<p>An extension point has three attributes:</p>
  <LI><strong>ID</strong> - a required attribute whose value is a simple name</LI>  
  <LI><strong>Name</strong> - a required attribute whose value is a translatable string </LI>
  <LI><strong>Schema</strong> - an optional attribute whose value is a relative path to the schema   corresponding to this extension point</LI>
<p>Although the <strong>Schema</strong> attribute is optional, you are strongly encouraged to   provide a schema; since, PDE utilizes it to assist other developers in using your extension point.</p>

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